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Monterano Ruins and Palace Altieri

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The Altieri family achieved extraordinary power, especially during the 17th century when one of its members rose to the papal throne in 1670 with the name of Clement X. 

They became the princes of Oriolo and Viano (now Vejano) and dukes of Monterano thanks to the Pope’s intervention. Members of the Altieri family enlarged the Santacroce Palace in Oriolo Romano in the second half of the 17th century, enriched it with marvellous frescoes and an extraordinary and unique collection of portraits of popes, donated by Clement X and continued to this day. 

Not far from Oriolo, they also entrusted the restoration of the ducal castle of Monterano, a place inhabited since the Etruscan era, to very important artists of the period such as Gian Lorenzo Bernini, who also designed the beautiful fountain located in the centre of the town.

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