Stigliano: the Thermal Baths of Rome

Stigliano: the Thermal Baths of Rome

Wellness andnature in the heart of Lazio

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Stigliano, in the province of Rome, owns a rich hydromineral patrimony: its thermal baths are among the more iodized of Europe and its healthy waters pour by several thermal springs at an elevated temperature, between 36° and 58°. These are natural mineral and thermal waters, classifiable as sulphate-bicarbonate-alkaline-earth.

The main springs are these of Bagnarello or the Cave (53°), of Bagno Grande (39°), of Fangaia (55°) and Ficoncella, at north-east of Civitavecchia.

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Discover thethermal resort: “ThermaeStygyane”, the Thermal Baths of Rome

Awellness center, athermal oasis delve into nature where recover peace and psychophysical harmony. On the thermal park of Stigliano, the 5 springs create 600 square meters stretch of water.

Trust the precious thermal water: a natural ally for the care of rheumatic, post-traumatic, inflammatory, cutaneous pathologies and of deafness rhynogen.

The Thermal Baths of Rome include a well-advanced Wellness Center, a Thermal Spa, with Roman steam cave sauna and amedical qualified team of a complete relax, wellness at 360°.

Enjoy your time and trust the high-qualified operators available for your wellness: they will suggest you the more recommended treatments to recover yourpsychophysicalwellness.

If you want to spend a relaxing day, a romantic weekend, a job meeting or a wellness holyday choose Stigliano: the Thermal Baths of Rome.