The treatment list of the Terme di Stigliano Spa centre has been renovated and presents a complete offer to rediscover harmony and well-being. Well-being means here a condition involving all aspects of human being and in our proposals we try to induce a state of relax that allows a deep connection with ourselves and with Nature.

The term “spa” is immediately linked to the waters, to an idea of calm and detachment from the rest of the world; you have just to turn this idea into reality, allowing yourself a bit of rest, entrusting you to the expert hands of our operators.


Inspired by Ancient Rome, the Roman baths include the tepidarium (36°C), calidarium (42°C), frigidarium (waterfall shower), Finnish sauna (70°C), a relaxation area with colour therapy, aromarium (aromatic steam bath with a temperature of 36°C) with essences and waterfall on the rocks, and an herbal tea room. Complete this relaxing experience in the spa pool and hydro-massage located under the Portico of Venus, having draining and relaxing properties.


Those who are currently affected or have been affected by specific diseases shall inform their general practitioner or the spa doctor in order to evaluate possible contraindications. In case of non-compliance with this invitation, we will not be held responsible for any physical side effects. In the pools is compulsory to wear a swim cap (available at the Wellness Centre).


Access for the external guests Daily admission from 9 AM to 8 PM from Monday to Sunday € 35 per person. The external guests are provided with a bath towel. The cost of the daily kit (bathrobe, slippers, bath towel and swim cap) is of 10 euros per person.

Children policy:

–          From 0 to 3 years old are not allowed

–          From 3 to 16 years old can stay in thermal bath and outdoor from 9 AM to 12 AM  20.00€ per person

–          From 16 years they have normal access 35.00 € per person

Twice a month we perform maintenance of the thermal pool under the Portico of Venus. The pool is available the day after.


These treatments enclose the secret rhythm of nature and the ancestral art of herbal care and alchemy inspired by spa beauty rituals, that have been the key of the well-being since the times of ancient Roman patricians and that still propose Stigliano as a place rich in history and energy.
Specific treatments and rituals to reshape your body and revitalize your face are entrusted to the hands of our operators for an unforgettable spa experience.


Before the treatment

We suggest to take a relaxing shower to prepare your body to the treatments and to remove the contact lenses before facial treatments.


The sun

We recommend to avoid any exposure to the sun immediately before or after treatments and to take a moment of rest in the relaxation area.


Exclusive Features of the Products

Organic Extracts • Bio-Nano-Tech Formulas• Sodium Laureth Sulfate Free • Paraben free • Free from mineral oils and derivatives (petrolatum/paraffin) • 100% natural



To keep your experience also at home, at the boutique of the spa you will find the products of the new organic line Absolute Organic and many other products.



You can buy some subscription formulas for the treatments. For further information, please contact the spa reception also for choosing the best treatment for you.

For cycles of 10 treatments, we offer you 10% discount.


Give Wellness for present!

You can purchase our treatments as a gift voucher to deliver personally or to be delivered to the person concerned.


Mixed with  botanical active components

Stigliano muds soothe the pain sensation and gradually restore the proper use of bones, joints or muscles, have an impact on the cellular degeneration process and allow you to achieve excellent results.

Total Mud of Stigliano draining and detoxifying action and it allows you to relieve aches and tensions

Duration: 50 min. € 65,00

Stigliano mud for face 

Duration: 25 min. € 40,00

Liver compress: a pad of thermal mud on the liver area for a strong detoxifying effect

Duration: 25 min. € 40,00




Duration: 25 min. € 45,00

Gold infusion

Duration: 25 min. € 40,00



A new, natural, non-invasive, relaxing and safe method allowing to fight skin ageing and stress by using professional products of the Colette Line, selective skincare for a demanding public.

Face hidrating Duration: 50 min. € 68,00
Face hidrating with oxygen Duration: 50 min. € 78,00

Application of functional active substances, flavonoids, glycogen and colloidal gold, conveyed with Oxygen Dermo-infusion suitable for sensitive skin, but also for dehydrated skin and affected by rosacea.  Firming effect.

Face purifying Duration: 50 min. € 68,00

Application of Argania spinosa and Hematite polyphenols conveyed with Oxygen Dermo-infusion. It is suitable for combination skin, impure skin, with toxins and blemishes.

Face purifying with oxygen Duration: 50 min. € 78,00

Application of Argania spinosa and Hematite polyphenols conveyed with Oxygen Dermo-infusion. It is suitable for combination skin, impure skin, with toxins and blemishes.

Face lifting Duration: 50 min. € 68,00
Face lifting with oxygen Duration: 50 min. € 78,00

Application of hyaluronic acid and stem cells of Malus Domestica conveyed with Oxygen Dermo-infusion, for a plumping effect on wrinkles. The stem cells have a reactivating action on mature skin with wrinkles.

Cleansing face Duration: 50 min. € 68,00


Cranial-sacral Massage Duration: 50 min. € 90,00

Cranial-sacral massage indicated to remove the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves (computers, mobile phones etc.), aimed at balancing the head, the point of maximum absorption.

Lomi Lomi Massage Duration: 50 min. € 90,00 - Duration: 80 min. € 130,00

The lomi lomi massage is performed with oils, gestures and movements that tend to recreate harmony, just like the Pacific waves lapping at the shores of the Hawaiian lands. Let us discover a massage of love and harmony with the Universe!

Thai foot massage Duration: 50 min. € 90,00

Through manual techniques of acupressure performed with special sticks, the operator is able to induce the energy rebalance of the whole body and to affect various organs and apparatuses for a fulfilling and overall well-being.

Foot Reflexology Duration: 50 min. € 90,00

Through specific manual techniques, the stimulation of the reflex areas improves the body functions. On the sole of the foot, every other part of our body is reflected as in a map and so every kind of stimulation expertly performed on the foot will produce positive effects on the related organs.

Total Relax massage Duration: 80 min. € 130,00

Total Relax is a beneficial treatment that involves all the senses and has many deep positive effects; in particular, it is an excellent method to improve the balance between body and mind.

Californian massage Duration: 50 min. € 90,00

Born in the holistic centre of Esalen (California), this particularly relaxing treatment is characterized by fluid, slow and gentle movements wrapping the whole surface of the body. It is defined a “psycho-emotional” massage, it relieves “tensions”, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, as well as it relieves from stress by promoting fulfilling and well-being sensations.

Ayurvedic massage Duration: 50 min. € 90,00 - Duration: 80 min. € 130,00

You can rejuvenate your body with this Ayurvedic massage, a soft and relaxing Indian treatment, very effective for body care, physical beauty and spiritual harmony.

Face massage Duration: 25 min. € 50,00
Shiatsu Duration: 50 min. € 90,00

Shiatsu is a manual treatment technique that is rooted in the ancient techniques of the traditional Oriental massage and it is known for its “static pressure” performed on the body by the operator and the absence of frictions, manipulations or kneading, typical of Western massages.

Emotional massage with Bach Flowers Duration: 50 min. € 90,00 - Duration: 80 min. € 130,00

A full-body massage with oils and creams containing flower essences, it stimulates chakras, meridians and acupuncture points with various manoeuvres, some of them totally new, while some others taken from ancient Eastern and Western traditions. It is indicated in particular in the adjuvant treatment of: anxiety and irritability and to overcome physical and emotional trauma.

Marmabhyanga massage (head, neck, face) Duration: 25 min. € 50,00
Stone massage Duration: 50 min. € 90,00 - Duration: 80 min. € 130,00
Relaxing Massage Duration: 50 min. € 70,00

It favours oxygenation, improves the mood and mental and physical balance. It applies the techniques of Californian massage and it acts mainly on the muscles with a relaxing effect. It exploits the therapeutic properties of the essential oils for a result of pleasant relax for body and mind.

Draining Massage Duration: 50 min. € 80,00

Draining, relaxing and modelling: it combines its effects to the benefits of foot reflexology and acupressure, manual skills of the Vodder technique. Fluid and enveloping manual skills combined with aromatherapy make this massage also a sensory experience.

Decontracting Duration: 50 min. € 80,00

To regenerate through the joint-muscle stretching and the lymphatic massage, this massage induces an overall sense of relaxation, reduces stress and frees a greater energy to face the daily grind.

Parzial massage Duration: 25 min. € 45,00
Couples massage Duration: 50 min. € 170,00
Cleopatra’s bath Duration: 50 min €195.00 (25’ bath + 25’ massage)
Grape Bath Duration: 50 min €195.00 (25’ bath + 25’ massage)
Bamboo massage Duration: 50 min € 210.00 outdoor
Bamboo massage Duration: 50 min € 195.00 indoor (winter season)




Duration: 50 min. € 40,00


Duration: 50 min. € 60,00

Hair removal 

Duration: 15 min. € 30,00

Duration: 30 min. € 50,00

Duration: 50 min. € 75,00

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